From Factory to Family

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Larkin Idea

The Larkin Center of Commerce is emblematic of Buffalo's resurgence, with one foot in history and the other stepping towards the future.

Our History

Led by John D. Larkin, the original Larkin Soap Company was a family owned and operated business. The family unit was highly emphasized in the company’s marketing campaign of “From Factory to Family” where the Larkin Soap Company sold their home products door to door and became a household name throughout America. This same emphasis on family is alive and well today at the Larkin Center of Commerce. Upon moving to the Larkin Center of Commerce, our tenants become part of a bustling, active commercial community in Buffalo’s Larkin District. For our management team, our tenants become family. We are there for you at all hours of the day. We are there to help you grow and enjoy watching you do so. We are your cheerleader and advocate in the local and regional business community and will boast about you just as a parent would.

You’re Not a Client, You’re Family

As you grow, so do we, and we support your business all along the way. The environment of the Larkin District is respected and energetic, diverse and holistic. The great work that has defined the Larkin Idea comes from collaboration toward the greater good, not a struggle for personal gain.

If this sounds like your business, we'd be glad to have you. Our clients believe that Buffalo's long-awaited resurgence is made possible by working hard every day and never settling for the everyday.

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