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The Larkin Center of Commerce was originally constructed to house the administrative and manufacturing operations for the Larkin Soap Company. The Larkin Company was among the most successful and innovative companies of its day, producing a myriad of consumer products and boasting $30 million in annual revenue as early as 1900. Consistent dedication to innovation, the mantra of the company was 'The Larkin Idea: Save all cost that adds no value'. The Larkin Center of Commerce is also partial to innovation. A community with opportunities to share services, support and synergies with fellow tenants has been developed and remains a critical component of many Larkin Center businesses. Building amenities also make the Larkin Center a top choice for light manufacturing; designated shipping and receiving areas, raised and grade level docks, available freight handling services and 24/7 building security. A number of large, open floor plans that make for easy transitions and expansion are available to begin planning your operation.


The Larkin Center’s modest pricing offers an advantage other locations may not, at a location so diverse and exciting it's impossible to compare. There are full warehousing and distribution facilities available on-site so you can move your products and components quickly and efficiently. The benefits of these renovated facilities even extend to our large-capacity freight elevators, expansive floor plates and our proximity to major interstate highways.