Offices Tailored & Developed to You

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The roaring success of the Larkin District brings a plethora of opportunity to you, the tenant. The Larkin Center of Commerce offers office space in Class A and B finishes. There are short- and Iong-term leasing options available at competitive rates and an attentive property management team available on-site. Each space is carefully created to suit your business's unique needs. The experienced team of design, construction and leasing professionals identify the ideal location and specific space for your business with several different options available. We're able to collaborate on the creation of a floor plan that works for you and determine the costs of the build out. You're in good hands with an on-site owner, property management team and 24/7 building security.


Our office space is flexible and adaptable, dynamic and customizable. If you experience sudden or unexpected growth, there's room for contiguous expansion. Our tenants occupy office space that is finely tuned for their exact needs. An office in the Larkin Center of Commerce opens you up for access to shared conference and training rooms along with on-site cafeteria, dining room and catering services. In addition to shared spaces, our design team can improve your workflow and production with a specialized floor plan and collaborative spaces.


  • Conference/Training Center
  • Conference Rooms
  • Fitness Center
  • 24/7 Security Staff
  • In-house Design & Project Management
  • On-site Facilities Management
  • Access Controlled & Staffed Parking Lots

Spaces of All Sizes, For Every Business

No Matter your needs, there's a space for you at the Larkin Center of Commerce.